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Master Post

Posted by abysmalzero - January 28th, 2022

UPDATED for pricing change! Still need to have all the rules though, so forgive the redundancy. XD

Hey, so I’m making this post, because I get a lot of questions with commissions, do’s and don’ts, emails…etc. So, Imma post this here, and probably put a link to it on the tumblr at some point so that it’s easier to direct later. But here are some ground things:

1. Don’t commission NSFW things if you’re below 18. If you do commission NSFW, I have to assume you’re 18, that you agree that you are, and that I’m not liable if you lie to me.  There. I have to get that one out of the way, because I’ve had some people try to slip by here. Please don’t.

2. Contact!

   EMAIL: abysmalzero_art@hotmail.com

   PAYPAL: Not posted here anymore since I send Invoices. :>

   WHAT I NEED TO GET STARTED: Character and Pose references! It is on the onus of the commissioner to retrieve

these. If your character has never been drawn, I need approximation references (IE, hairstyle, face type, body type,

colors, etc.)

3. Wills and Won’ts: NSFW things I’ll do. 

DOES:  Preggers, tentacles, oviposition, egglay, light bondage, most vanilla things

DOESN’T: Loli/Shota/Children (yes, this includes all tv shows, and goblin/orc/lalafell MMO characters that are in a questionable category), scat/heavy gore/vore/peeing/watersports, EXTREME exaggeration, actual people i.e. Cosplayers, celebrities, general internet personalities.  

Everything else is a matter of case by case, so feel free to ask! And SFW is fine.

4. Time and scheduling. Things like sketches are usually done pretty fast barring emergencies. For larger pieces usually a week. I do try to work between 10 AM to about 5 PM, and I try to take off weekends and holidays (I do have a family, and would like to see them once in a while. >.>) So, if you email me and it takes a couple days to get back, it may be because it was the weekend. But! I will definitely get back to you. ;3


All commissions are posted on Tumblr, my DA pages (NSFW and SFW, depending on the circumstances), my Hentai Foundry page, Newgrounds, Twitter and my FurAffinity page (this is where most Furry art ends up!). If that’s not okay, consider a private commission!

I can keep posts and commissions anonymous, in which case they will only be labeled commissions and if asked, that I don’t own the characters.

I DO TAKE PRIVATE COMMISSIONS! The ONLY caveat to this condition is basically, if I can’t post it, neither can the commissioner. :> This is to prevent theft!


These are subject to change depending on time it takes and cost of living etc. 

This is my full list: 

Sketches (No WIPS, no revisions, no BG)


Color Splash: $20 (solo only)

MC / BW sketches: $30 (+$15 for each extra person) (+$10 for alternates)(+$15 on Complex Armor)

Colored Sketches: $50 (+$20 for each extra person)($+15 for alternates)(+$20 on Complex Armor)

Full Illustrations (WIP at rough stage, 1 free revision, BG allowed) *


Line Art: $30 (+$15 for each extra)

Flats (line art + color): $50 (+$15 for extra)

Cel shading: $80 (+$20 for extra)

Character Sheets (WIP at rough and for outfits (if optioned), 2 free revisions) *


Front, Back, Palette, eye detail: $100

+$15 for each extra (3 expressions, outfit, equipment, etc.) 

* Illustrations and Character Sheets are currently limited to the one illustration slot that is on Patreon!

Pokemon Variation Sheets (SFW, No WIPS, no revisions *)

*they’re kinda just more for fun, so if you like what I’ve done and want to see a particular pokemon or a particular cross breed, this is the option!


$30 a sheet, includes the base pokemon + some variants 

Lastly, all commissions are for NONPROFIT uses only! If you want me to do something for like…tshirts etc. Feel free to message me and we can work something out! It’ll look nicer than a $10 sketch any who. ;3